UF Library West

UF Library West is the premier library collection for the University of Florida. The project added new compact shelving, created more "people" space, and remodeled existing space. The exterior envelope rehabilitation included roofing, windows, cast stone trim, and brick work.

Library West is the premier library collection for the University of Florida.  This project added 60,000 GSF of new compact shelving and allows for more “people” space.  Special attention was given to providing the proper environment for archival requirements of the books. The project also includes the complete interior remodeling of 117,000 GSF of existing space to meet current use patterns.  This significant project expands the library to serve 50,000 students. The remodeled portion creates a clear, strong sense of entry featuring a 2-story entry lobby, a pair of escalators and a patron elevator leading to the second-floor circulation desk.  It expresses invitation, excitement, and intellectual stimulation, and provides external views of content and function.

Rehabilitation of the exterior envelope of the original 1964 building included:

  • Replacement of membrane roofing
  • Replacement of clay tile roofing
  • Replacement of windows
  • Rehabilitation of cast stone trim
  • Repointing mortar and cleaning existing brick
  • Water repellent and new sealants

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