UF Powell Structures Lab

UF Powell Structures Lab is an 8,565 GSF building that houses a concrete testing area and offices. It features a 3-foot thick concrete floor foundation, strong walls, and two 25-ton cranes. The building serves as the Hurricane Wind Force Testing Program for the University of Florida.

This 8,565 GSF building houses a concrete testing area, several offices, an instrumentation area, necessary support spaces and a storage area.

The concrete testing area requires a heavily reinforced 3-foot-thick concrete floor foundation to support the testing of large-scale structural elements as well as strong walls for lateral load testing.  The interior has two 25-ton cranes for moving concrete test forms and has a clear height of 36 feet to the crane.

The facility now houses the Hurricane Wind Force Testing Program for the University of Florida where they conduct missile and impact rating tests for various products.

The building was sited to easily receive 40-foot-long beams delivered via tractor trailer.  This project also involved stormwater management and permitting for the local site.

“The punch list, training and final inspection were completed ahead of time.  The punch list was very short; the RFI #’s were all time low.  L&A worked throughout the project very closely with the project team. The final product is great and the user’s group is very happy.  L&A were very responsive to project’s needs and worked to meet the project budget.”    –  Bahar Armaghani, Project Manager

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