Spoto High School Classroom Building Addition

Long & Associates designed a 500-student station addition for Spoto High School, including classrooms for Culinary Arts, Chemistry Labs, and more. The design incorporates safety features like emergency escape windows and a concealed area for active shooter situations.

Long & Associates designed a 500-student station building addition for Spoto High School on their expansive 53-acre school site. The design included upgrading the Chiller Plant to accommodate the additional loads as well as re-routing major site utilities around the new building footprint. The tilt wall panel design is specifically detailed with fenestrations to seamlessly match the existing school design to harmoniously blend into the existing campus fabric.

Educational facilities within the new addition include 20 classroom spaces made up of Culinary Arts, Chemistry Labs, Biology Labs, Multipurpose Classrooms, Teacher Planning, Vertical Circulation, and dedicated support spaces. Each classroom is outfitted with operable emergency escape windows and a new Shadow Zone design so that should an active shooter situation occur the students can safely align themselves into a concealed area of the classroom not visible from the door lite. The unique flooring identifies this safe haven for students and faculty through changes in pattern and material.

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