Carrollwood Village Park

Long & Associates developed a multi-phase project that transformed a reclaimed water holding pond into a wildlife habitat. The park includes various amenities like game facilities, dog parks, event pavilions, and a walking trail.

Completed under a Continuing Contract, Carrollwood Village Park is a multi-phase project which included acquiring an adjacent portion of the former Dale Mabry Wastewater Treatment Plant site in order to develop it into a passive recreation center. The central feature of the park is the reuse of an existing reclaimed water holding pond as wildlife habitat surrounded by a 0.7-mile walking trail. Seating areas are provided at scenic vista points around the pond. Outdoor game facilities are provided for checkers, table tennis, and cornhole. Other amenities include two dog parks, a large event pavilion, picnic shelters, restroom facilities, storage space, open green space, and a wooden trail bridge for the local community. Access road, parking design, and site lighting were also included in the project scope. Future expansion plans call for a community garden and a second large event pavilion.

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