Clearwater Gas System

Long & Associates created a master plan for the Clearwater Gas System Headquarters, including facility expansion and site redevelopment. The plan addressed existing conditions, space utilization, and future needs.

Long & Associates was retained to create a Master Plan for facility expansion and site redevelopment for the Clearwater Gas System Headquarters located in Clearwater, Florida. The scope of professional services included an assessment of existing site conditions and facility operations, an evaluation of existing space utilization and staffing, identification of future needs to support growth in operations, development of a facility Space Needs Program and a project budget, management of a visioning and consensus building process, analysis and synthesis of opportunities and constraints, and development of a graphic Master Site Redevelopment Plan.

The project team met with Clearwater Gas System administration and staff in a series of interviews, interactive workshops, and review meetings to develop, assess and refine the basis and approach to this master plan. The team also met with City staff and the owner’s Environmental Consultant to review land development regulations, planning, and permitting issues related to this site.

Long & Associates provided full-scope A/E Services for Building 7, a new 3-story, 41,645 SF administrative office facility designed to withstand CAT 5 hurricane force winds. The building was designed to match the existing area aesthetics. Ancillary support space for 11,177 SF of storage brings the total square footage to 52,822 SF. The project was phased to allow for select demolition of existing buildings, continued business operations, and new construction.

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