Construction Administration

At Long & Associates, our Construction Administration ensures seamless communication among project stakeholders. We efficiently manage information flow, including submittals, RFIs, ASIs, and engaging dialogues.

Construction Administration at Long & Associates begins with seamless communication, bridging the gaps between architects, engineers, consultants, clients, and contractors in a contemporary and interconnected world. Our role encompasses the meticulous review, diligent tracking, and efficient management of information flow through various channels, including submittals, Requests for Information (RFIs), Architect’s Supplemental Instructions (ASIs), Proposal Requests, and engaging dialogues.

With a deep commitment to upholding the designer’s vision and fulfilling the client’s needs, our Construction Administration team responds promptly and precisely to questions and concerns that arise during the construction process. We understand that time is of the essence, and timely execution of document revisions is paramount to avoiding costly delays that may impact the project’s success.  We recognize the need to “run toward trouble” to resolve field issues quickly and concisely.

As a multi-disciplinary firm with diverse expertise under one roof, we enjoy the luxury of seamless in-house communication. This advantage empowers us to address issues and concerns with utmost agility, efficiency, and accuracy. Our collaborative approach ensures that every stakeholder is heard, every challenge is swiftly met, and every project moves forward smoothly towards its realization.

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